Our Services


We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a wide range of services which are designed to help them have a more hassle-free and successful furniture buying experience.




Everyone has said at some point in their lives, “leave this up to the professionals.”  Installation of office furniture is one of those things.  Cubicle systems are designed to be efficient, but there is still quite a lot that goes into each one.  Due to the highly customizable nature of cubicles, every inventory is different.  That means it takes a bit of knowledge and experience to understand how each feature corresponds to a given piece of office furniture.  Fortunately, we have you covered.


Space Planning/Design Layout


There’s a lot that goes in to planning the layout for your office.  From practical matters like electrical feeds to making the most out of aesthetic elements like natural lighting, we are experienced and able to make sure that everything in your office has a proper place.  Knowing that professionals with years of experience are working with you for the best layout means that you can get the best results from your office furniture for just a small fee.




We offer storage as a tactical option for our customers.  For a small fee, we will keep your purchase safe for some duration until you are ready to utilize it.  Your business might be moving to a larger building in a few months but you’re not ready for the purchase yet. 

This service saves you time, money and a logistical headache by letting you know you will have the furniture you need within the demands of your own schedule.  It also allows you to capitalize on what we have in stock without worrying about fluctuations in demand.


Furniture Leasing


While leasing furniture might be a bit more expensive initially, this service offers businesses both freedom and peace of mind.  When you lease from us, we handle the whole project from start to finish for the duration of your lease.  We help you plan where everything goes, we install the furniture, and when the lease is up we uninstall it as well.  The whole process is completely hassle-free.


While there are many reasons to consider leasing, here are a few common examples of why businesses lease furniture:

Your business is moving to a temporary location for a year or so.  This can be because you are constructing a whole new office or because you are waiting on another big decision like moving your business cross-country.

You want to “try before you buy”.  When you lease from us, many times we can arrange a point of sale after the lease period.  This mitigates concerns of a big purchase not being right for your business.