The Key to a Happy Office Starts in the Breakroom

Breakroom FurnitureThe breakroom is quietly the hub of most offices. It’s where coworkers casually bump into each other throughout the day. In some offices, people will gather around tables there to enjoy a meal and catch up with each other. In fact, the look, feel and accessibility of a breakroom can even dictate what the company’s culture is — and what it could be. And while available drinks and snacks can help improve the overall feel of a breakroom, it’s the breakroom furniture that really makes a difference. So let’s explore what a company can do to ensure their breakroom is the ideal spot for their employees to enjoy a moment of leisure before reengaging in their daily grind.

Maximize Your Space

Regardless of its size, a breakroom requires flow to avoid traffic jams. To that end, there are a few different types of breakrooms to examine:

Kitchen Only

It’s not uncommon for small offices to have a breakroom which is really nothing more than a kitchen. There aren’t any tables or chairs, so they tend to consist of a refrigerator, a countertop and cabinets, a microwave, a toaster, and a coffee maker. Simple and to the point. That said, even a kitchen-only breakroom can have something to it, such as a pantry and a nice, small table for the coffee maker. Make sure things are spread around so that employees can get in and out without bumping into each other.

Medium-Sized Office Breakroom

Lunch room furnitureAt this size, a company’s breakroom will have more to it than just the office kitchen essentials. Here is where people will want a little room to spread out. They’re not just making their morning coffee here — they’re taking a moment to enjoy their coffee at a table with other coworkers. And at lunch, it can quickly become a place for employees to enjoy an hour away from work while hanging out with their friends.

This is where furniture really becomes key. You’ll want enough tables for several people to be able to use the room at once, but not so many that it becomes difficult to walk from the kitchen area to the dining area. Likewise, you’ll want to ensure there is space for an adequate number of chairs, while ensuring people have room to get in and out of said chairs. And of course, you’ll want furniture that can be easily cleaned, as spills are going to happen.

Large-Office Breakroom

A large office requires a large breakroom to handle the number of people who will be going in and out of it all day long. Add to the tables and chairs some more comfortable spots, such as an easily cleanable couch or a couple comfy chairs with end tables. People will see this room as a place where they can occasionally work or have an informal meeting away from the hustle and bustle of their normal work environment.

And when lunchtime comes, you can expect a lot of people to make use of the area. You’ll want to make sure your tables and chairs are spread out to handle the increased traffic of people looking for a moment of calm with their coworkers. If the room is large enough, you can even create several dining areas to help spread things out.

Make Sure You Have the Right Breakroom Furniture

At the very least, tables, chairs and storage cabinets are going to be a part of your standard breakroom. But what kind of tables and chairs? Obviously, a big part of this decision is going to come down to the size of the breakroom itself. A bigger room can handle bigger furniture, while a smaller room should keep space a high priority. However, if you want to maximize your space (regardless of room size), go with round tables instead of square and rectangular. Tabletops with right angles tend to take up more physical space in the room — as well as more visual space.

And on the topic of visual space, you can add a lot of depth and dimension to your breakroom with tables and chairs that vary in height. While it may seem counterintuitive, using the same size tables and chairs in a room will actually make the space feel cluttered. So along with your standard height tables, mix in some taller, café-height tables and stools — this choice will really open up the room.

And try not to make the room feel sterile. Add furniture and wall art with colors that pop against a more neutral wall to liven things up. A room that is bland and uninspired will leave employees feeling the same way, whereas a properly decorated breakroom can elevate employee moods and enhance your overall office culture.

Talk with the Best

If you’re ready to make a change in your breakroom, or if you’re building one from scratch, reach out to the experts at Systems Office Furniture. We’ll walk you through a variety of options to find the ideal furniture for your breakroom. Your breakroom should be a reflection of your business, and we can help make that happen.


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